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Нам отвечают

В продолжение недавнего поста Американский федеральный акт о разрешении на скрытое ношение оружия

Из офиса моего конгрессмена пришел ответ (выделение болдом мое):

Dear Mr. <>,

Thank you for contacting me with respect to the Second Amendment. I appreciate your interest in the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms, and your views are important to me.

This Congress has done more to advance the rights of gun owners than any Congress in recent memory. Congress approved and President Obama signed legislation (S. 22) that allows Americans to carry guns in National Parks. The House passed legislation, which I supported, to ensure that banks cannot seize guns from gun owners who are going through personal bankruptcy. Both the House and Senate rejected efforts to re-enact the assault rifle ban. While I will continue to support sensible gun control that protects both the 2nd Amendment and public safety, it is clear that this Congress has advanced the rights of gun owners.

Once again, thank you for expressing your concern on this very important issue. I enjoyed hearing from you. For more information on my views on other issues, please feel free to visit my website at http://connolly.house.gov. I also encourage you to visit the website to sign up for my e-newsletter.


Gerald E. Connolly
Member of Congress
11th District, Virginia

You can also stay in touch with me through:

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Краткий перевод: пшёл нах, т-щ избиратель.

Ну и умиляет перечисление фейсбука, ютуба и прочих RSS в конце сообщения. А вот твиттер у конгрессмена отсутсвует, ай-ай-ай. Медведева на него нет :)
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