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Многие уже наверняка видели, но всё равно выложу фотки. Фотография верхней и нижней части прототипа Старшипа со строящегося космодрома в Техасе, из твиттера Маска (кликабельно).

Вот еще фотка:

Вопросы/ответы из твиттера (англ.):

Q: Based on the past few days, I can’t help but think there won’t be an ablative coating on Starship, which would be wild!
A: Leeward side needs nothing, windward side will be activity cooled with residual (cryo) liquid methane, so will appear liquid silver even on hot side

Q: I get that stainless steel is durable and all… But how do you get around the fact that it weighs way more than carbon fiber?
A: Usable strength/weight of full hard stainless at cryo is slightly better than carbon fiber, room temp is worse, high temp is vastly better

Q: Will starship be painted or do we get this nice Metal Look?
A: Skin will get too hot for paint. Stainless mirror finish. Maximum reflectivity.

Q: Would it require less great shielding because of the stainless steel?
A: Much less

Q: Gold on the windows?
A: Maybe

Q: How many raptors will be used on the hopper?
A: 3

Испытания мегакузнечика обещают быть интересными. Пожелаем SpaceX удачи.

P.S. И да, Маск снова нагло украл советские разработки :)

Tags: spacex, космос
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