Кирилл В (vakhnenko) wrote,
Кирилл В

Порвало ствол дробовика

Точная причина осталась неясной. Явно обструкция ствола, но чем вызвана непонятно -- наверное сквиб?

В качестве бонуса, описание событий от самого стрелка (запостил фото его брат): "Haha well ya see I was shooting one handed, ya know for a few laughs and of course the gun went flying haha. Then, I very quickly retrieved it and fire four in rapid succession. While firing I noticed the load was really scattered haha so I check and that was the end result. Most likly scenario? Mother earth was pissed at all the load being shot onto her face (get your mind out of the gutter) and tryes to off me." Образцовый хиллбилли, блин.
Tags: оружие
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