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Перепостом сообщений других о сборе денег никогда не занимался, но тут я семью знаю сам. У знакомых одинадцатилетнему сыну поставили диагноз, рак.

Dear Friends,

Over the past couple months we have traveled a journey I was not ready to share with anyone... It has been trying beyond words and but we now realize it's time.

My 11 year old son, Daniel, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer. While we are surrounded by an amazing team of doctors and nurses who are doing the best they can to help our boy, we need to seek alternative treatments to complement what is being done at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus. The extended treatment protocol is very harsh and the team has given us the blessing to continue on a path of Integrative Medicine. With their advice and leadership we have chosen an alternative that gives us hope for Daniel.

Every day is a roller coaster... we have been caught off guard by the twists and turns and we are now at a stand still. Our friend Victoria Harris has set up a fundraising site for Daniel. We have been overwhelmed by the support of strangers, friends, the community we live in and Daniel's school buddies. While we never expected this outpouring of support, we are grateful for the kind words of encouragement and the funds raised so far. Every bit counts toward saving Daniel's life... from the positive thoughts to the donations.

Please take a moment to read the link below:

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