Кирилл В (vakhnenko) wrote,
Кирилл В

Тем временем в Швейцарии

This picture was taken in the summer of 2011 by a friend of mine when we went to the shooting range to fulfill our annual shooting excercise. The range is 10min by foot from where I live, located in rural Switzerland right next to the German border. The shooting range is sponsored by the army and the village municipality and consists of a building and a trench with the targets 300m(330y) away. The problem in 2011 was that the land between the building and the targets belongs to local farmers. If they grow something on the fields they normally arrange something with the local shooting club in order to minimize disturbances on either side. But when they put cattle on the meadow things like in this picture can happen. For my friend which took the picture it wasn't much of a problem, I on the other hand was further to the right and even if the clearance between the trajectory and the cows' backs was above the minimum limit, I stopped shooting because from time to time I saw a horn or a waving tail through my sights which freaked me out. Also: the bull(the big one right in front of the muzzle) mounted some cows here and there, and his heart/lung-region was exactly the height of the targets. Being shot while having sex is not the worst way to leave this world, especially for an animal that is breeded for its meat, but I did not want to be the one to explain to the farmer what exactly happened. We unloaded our rifles, had some coffee and cigarettes and resumed shooting ca 10min later after the cattle moved to another part of the meadow. One cow was particularly interested in our rifles and sniffed on a muzzle, unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that. Sidenote: the breed is called Highland Cattle and isn't native to Switzerland, but has become popular during the last 10-15years because of their meat.

Вкратце -- земля между мишенями и стрелковой позицией принадлежит местным фермерам, и на ней растет очень вкусная трава
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