Кирилл В (vakhnenko) wrote,
Кирилл В

Особо одаренный бандит

Полиция нашла этот револьверный клип в кармане у преступника. Тот заявил что он самостоятельно обточил пули, дабы те "пробивали бронежилеты, и начинали пожары."

Surveillance in the hood where there have been 7 shootings in the past 2 weeks. All drug/gang related, and all tied together/retaliatory. Assisting homicide div with watching one of the section 8 tenements and heard several shots at about 0400. About 10 seconds later, a vehicle tears ass past me containing what looks like a masked person. 2 unit block him while myself and 2 more complete the stop. Wrong place at the wrong time for him and a poor egress plan. He throws his arms several feet out of the open window like Superman, screaming "DON'T SHOOT, IT'S NOT LOADED." Well, it's not loaded because he just finished firing the damn thing into a house. Zero casualties. Cheap revolver still warm. Vehicle smells like a trip to the range. The .380 in his back pocket WAS LOADED, as was the .22 revolver on his seat. The speed loader in the pic was in his front pocket. Claims he used a revolver so no shell casings would be left, and hand-carved the rounds to kill cops/pierce armor and "start fires."

Взял тут.
Tags: идиоты, оружие
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